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The role of a journalist is to spread relevant information about every significant happening around the world. Things like newspapers, radio, television, and the internet have completely revolutionized the way news is broadcasted. In this practice, journalists have a critical role to play.

A career in journalism today is a prestigious, yet challenging one as journalists play a key role in the growth of any nation. The core function of any journalist is to educate, inform, and enlighten the masses on several issues revolving them. As the world today is proving the saying that the pen and the camera is mightier than a sword, there have arisen multiple opportunities for journalists all around the globe.

Career Options for a Journalist

  1. Researchers: The job of a researcher revolves around doing all the research work for a channel or a site. You must be inquisitive and creative to be a good researcher.
  2. Broadcast reporters: A broadcast reporter must have excellent communication and presentation skills along with a passion for news.
  3. Presenters: A good presenter is someone who has good communication skills, command over speech, general knowledge, and the ability to be composed in stressful situations.
  4. Feature writer: The function of a feature writer revolves around in-depth observations and stories on particular topics.
  5. Reporter: As a reporter of a news agency, magazine, or television channel, the job is to report with clarity, accuracy, and speed.
  6. Editor: The chief responsibility of an editor is to ensure uniformity and continuity of the print media. They present the news in eye-catching fashion.
  7. Photo Journalist: To become a successful photojournalist, one must be swift at taking pictures, which represent a news story. The individual should also be willing to work in difficult situations.
  8. Critic: In order to be a critic, one needs to be well-read and experienced.

Best Journalism Institutes

  • AJK Mass Communication Research Centre
  • Pearl Academy
  • Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC)
  • National Institute for Media Studies
  • Amity School of Journalism and Communication

Salary Scope in Journalism

In India, a starter may get around Rs 10,000 – 20,000 per month and it keeps on growing with years like 30k, 40k, 50k, etc. The salary of a Senior Reporter may get 1-2 lakh or chief editor may get 5 lakh or more. More experienced journalists tend to earn more than those who are inexperienced.

Personal Attributes

In order to stay current, today’s journalist needs to know how to operate in a virtual environment and if possible, attain a well rounded educational program – for maximum opportunities. With the foundation in liberal arts, journalism courses will help an individual to build basic and advanced composition skills. Pearl Academy offers one of the best courses in Journalism for those who want to excel in this field. Get ahead of others and have the best understanding of this field!

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