Online Marketing Tactics For Accounting Firms In India

There is no second alternative to an online marketing campaign if you really want to make it big in your accounting service. The Internet plays a very significant role in gathering information, but given the modern business scenario, it is perhaps the only source that is most effective to market your business. It will help you to reach out to millions out there instantly within your local demographics and beyond. For this, you will need to make sure that your digital marketing strategy is essentially accounting-focused to get the best returns.

The best way to start your campaign is by knowing what type of digital marketing activities will actually work in 2018 and choose only those that will endure holding traction for the conceivable future.

Begin with the website of your business. Ideally, this is the central focus of all business websites wanting to make the most out of their digital marketing strategy. This is the foundation that will help you to attract, capture and nurture more incoming leads. It is not enough to have a website that looks great. You must also incorporate strong and strategic focus in it.

Features to look for

Visit your website and look at it. Ask different questions to you and try to find out the answers to know how effective and functional it is. The questions that you may ask include:

  • Whether the website has a strategy document
  • Whether it needs a refresh
  • Are changes made on a whim and fancy
  • Are the contents and features aligned with the objective of your firm
  • Whether you are able to convey your message to your target audience
  • Do you want to break into a new niche
  • What other offers other than you have made already can be included
  • Whether these offers will generate new leads
  • What are the chances of their conversion
  • Whether the site is user-friendly and easy to navigate
  • Whether it is boring with the same old services in the drop-down menus and much more.

Think out of the box and do not rely on consultation only. Instead, determine whether the calls to action are adequate to draw new clients or is there any need for a change. Map it out all on the page to page basis and then consult with a digital marketing expert.

Now for the contents

Once you are clear and specific to your website, you can now focus on the next step of your accounting firm marketing strategy, content marketing. It is not easy, but a strategic plan can get you there faster. Most accounting firms know and believe that content marketing is a buzzword and password to success but face difficulty in implementing.

Creating content is not merely including information and your success stories on your webpage. Ideally, a well-created content is the second best tool to attract more visitors and get more business, the first one being referrals. It is arguably the leading source for new business, and most top accounting firms in India rely on it.

To create a result driven content that will be more effective than the blog posts, there are a few things that you will need to include in it such as:

  • Email campaigns
  • Newsletters
  • Videos
  • Calculators
  • Tax guides and even
  • FAQs

A lot of accounting firms reel out a plethora of blog contents but still cannot see results. The reason for this is that the contents are not right and is not created with the right mix in it. They eventually end up creating dreary monthly tax updates that certainly does not add to its value.

What you need

You will be able to increase your prospects if you create a website with thoughtful, meaningful, intuitive, and extremely insightful contents. These must answer all the questions that a visitor may have and provide information and solutions to their problems. The need of the hour includes:

  • A cornerstone asset after every six months
  • 3 to 5 blog posts each month
  • 30 to 60 social media posts every month
  • A couple of webinars in each quarter of a year along with
  • An infographic per month.

It is also very helpful if you can include a couple of case studies at least each quarter.

Following this guideline may look like a substantial commitment to you, but then if you start with the cornerstone asset, you will find that following the remaining elements is relatively easy to produce and is time effective. In the end, you will be able to enhance the visibility of your firm by as much as 200%.

Search engine optimization

Another need of the hour is SEO. It is as important as ever to all top accounting companies in India and all over the world alike. However, people, especially the startups have a very wrong notion about SEO and whatever others tell them is wrong. When they visit websites to know more about SEO, they find the language to be from an alien nation with all the technicalities and complex terminologies.

However, leaving it to the top digital marketing agency, you will not have to think about the keywords relevant to your business to ensure a high rank among all different search engines. Ideally, SEO starts with best practices and making the page titles keyword rich. These keywords will tell Google what it is you are looking for exactly. These keywords will also encourage the visitors to click on your page.

In addition to that, custom URLs are also important that will contain the keywords and help the prospects to decide whether or not they are going to click on your page.

Marketing automation

Another most important factor to consider is marketing automation or email marketing. Though this is not new to the companies providing accounting services in India, but most of these firms struggle to leverage it effectively.

This software will help a lot in progressive form filling, email marketing, social media marketing and much more. All these will enable you to reach out to your target audience and specific followers by posting updates at regular intervals.

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