How to Recover Deleted txt or Notepad Files

Today while organizing my folder, I accidentally deleted my important notepad file. This file contained most important client information which I jotted down while interacting with the same. I could call the client and ask for information, but that would be against data handling and retention policy. What can be done to safeguard myself from the predicament?

Calm down, you will not have to suffer any agony once you are through with the recovery process. All you need is first try the manual method of data recovery. If the manual method can recover your data awesome, else you need to go through the advanced and most trusted software solution that is guaranteed to recover your notepad file with ease.

Manual method to recover deleted notepad files is as follows:

Method 1:

  1. Create a txt file with the same name as the deleted file
  2. Right click on the file and either select ‘Restore previous versions’ or Properties
  3. Click the Previous Versions tab
  4. Select the most recent version and click Restore

Method 2:

  1. Go one level up to the folder which contains the txt file
  2. Right click on the folder and select Properties or Restore previous versions
  3. Go to the Previous Versions tab
  4. Opt for the latest version and click Restore

There you go, you have restored the deleted notepad file using previous versions feature of Windows. Previous versions come from restore points or from File History. If you have not created restore points or are not using File History then you can recover data using a data recovery software.

Recover your deleted txt/notepad file using data recovery software as the following describes:

  • Install the software by doubling clicking the downloaded .exe file, which can be used in your PC for recovery.
  • Complete the registration process and get the license key so as to save the recovered file to a volume other than where the notepad file was located.
  • Open the software by double clicking on the software’s icon present on your PC’s desktop.
  • In the software’s interface, select office documents (txt file belongs to this category) and click next.
  • Select the location of the drive where your txt file was deleted and click the Scan button.
  • Wait till the scanning process is completed. The software performs the scanning process via quick scan and switches to deep scan when needed.
  • Select the Deleted List tab. The software segregates scanned data in File Type, Tree View, and Deleted List.
  • Preview the txt file, which you are looking for. If found, select, and click the Recover button, else click the Deep Scan link displayed at the bottom of the wizard.
  • Choose the location to save the deleted notepad file and click Start Saving. Once the data is saved in the desired location, open the saved txt file.

See, how easy is the process to recover data even for an uninitiated one with the help of self-help software interface. But, note the recovery process succeeds only if you have stopped using the computer. When any write operation is performed and unfortunately the same happens to be the sector where your .txt file was present, then it may end up overwriting, thereby making recovery solution useless.

Also, undertake a good practice of creating regular backup of your business critical data to an external drive. The importance of backup comes into play when you lose your vital data.

Winding Up

The blog presents tried and tested methodology to recover deleted txt/notepad files. Work from the manual method and if it does not recover your lost notepad file, then come to the guaranteed software solution. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Home is there for your rescue to recover your deleted .txt file(s).

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