Three questions to understand the bottom line affect of your website redesign projec

A lively, and fresh website design is surely one highly beneficial approach to boost your online business. Web design redo projects are often part of long-term business investment for e-commerce businesses. However, there are few considerations that you should keep in view if you are to unlock full benefits of a web design redo project.

Before you actually decide to finalize a web design redo project, make sure you know its effects, and consequences in short and long run. How is this going to affect the business bottom line? Will the new design be more acceptable to visitors or will it lay-off existing clients? What’s going to be the cost of a new web design in terms of SEO rankings?

Just like anything else, there are certain implications of a web design redo project and understanding the bottom line beforehand will only help you to have a broader picture of expectations from your investment.

Here we will be looking at some key questions that you should get answers to, before embarking on a web design redo project for your online business.

  1. Will the new web design be able to interact better with users?

The whole idea of getting a new web design revolves around user experience. Though SEO is an important consideration too (we will be discussing it little later), the bottom line of your web redesign needs to enhance the user interface.

Once a visitor lands on your website, the web design and content takes the center stage of your business proposition. You need to maintain a highly interactive, and user-friendly web design interface, so visitors can actually relate to your business and thus convert to customers.

Thereby, before you take up a web design redo project, ask yourself will it be adding little extra to user interactivity and engagement or not?

  1. Will the new design relate to your target audience?

Over the years I had worked with many web design Auckland agencies, and one of the most repetitive mistakes that I found for many businesses is an unrelatable web design for the target audience.

Let’s take a scenario, you are looking to target Auckland market for your services/products. You decide to go with an extravagant and flashy web design to impress customers and you invested a lot hiring the best web design Auckland agency to do the work for you.

But will it work?

As per my experience, your business won’t be gaining any benefit of such flashy web design. Why? Because your target audience (The Aucklanders) are more inclined towards small and local businesses; which they easily relate to. So, instead of gaining the market share, you will be actually repealing potential clients, just because they aren’t able to relate to your business model.

  1. How will it affect my search engine rankings?

Google, the largest search engine is highly demanding when it comes to user-friendly web designs. The search engine giant has laid out various web design instructions to follow, and not adhering to those guidelines can actually lower your ranking.

Moreover, a fresh web design will also affect your existing business ranking. This is because the search engine crawlers will have to relist your website design again. However, if you have followed the guidelines properly, you will surely regain your ranking (probably even higher ranking) with your new web design.

Pro Tip: Call-to-actions should be an integral part of your web design. Make sure to display clear, concise, and engaging CTAs on every page of your website. This will help you get the most out of new web design, by converting visitors to customers.

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