Top Coolest Hairstyles For Kids And Boys

When it comes to choosing hairstyles for boys and kids parents are often spoilt for choices as they keep coming across same hairstyle options that they have been giving to their kids for long. To be honest, you can get as creative as you like even with those old hairstyles and come up with some of the coolest looks for kids. However, even if you are not interested in trying something different, you can still find some new and coolest hairstyles for kids and boys that not just look cool but are quite trendy as well. From hairstyles with short sides and long tops to undercuts, comb-overs, pomps, quiffs, and spikes, you have all sorts of options that are given a different touch of style in each new season.

To be honest, however, whether you choose one of the conventional hairstyles for kids and boys or you go with something creative, you must use right baby hair brush products to achieve the style to perfection. Besides, the technique you are using should give you your kid the precise style so that it looks exactly what it is. Once you are sure you can ensure that, here are some of the coolest hairstyle options that you can try with your boys’ hair.

  • Comb Over Hairstyle With High Fade

This is probably the cleanest of looks that will even work for them if they already go to school. The comb-over look requires the hair on top to be grown to medium length then combed over to a side before being applied with a styling product to keep the look intact. The sides have a nice high fade and it looks really awesome overall.

  • Textured  Slicked Back Hairstyle With Faded Undercut

Another beautiful combo of short and long hair, this amazing hairstyle is the best choice for teenagers. In fact, it’s trending these days all over the world as well. The hair is grown long on top and slicked back with a bit of natural texture to it for achieving a cool vibe overall. The sides have a disconnected undercut which has a nice faded vibe to it. Teenagers can style it with cool stubble as well.

  • Textured Quiff Hairstyle

Quiff hairstyles never go out of fashion and they really are among the most classic hairstyles around that work for both men and boys alike. The hairstyle is a perfect choice for parties and if you can add a bit of texture to the hair on top, it’s even better. You can also search on Google for men hairstyle.

  • Spiky Hairstyle With High Fade

Spikes always make for some of the most amazing hairstyles for kids and boys. They have a cute, kiddish and casual look to them that really makes these hairstyles a perfect choice for your little ones. If you want the hairstyle to look unique and awesome, you can experiment with the look by achieving spikes in different styles. Nevertheless, you’ll need some good amount of styling product for achieving the look. Sides have a nice high fade to define the look.

  • Comb Over Hairstyle With Tapered Sides

For kids who want something special which is not so formal, this is the hairstyle to go with. The hair on top is kept to medium length and it is combed over to a side with a nice and heavy texture to it that actually makes this look special. The sides are nicely tapered and faded to add a bit of masculinity to the look as if it were for army men. Overall, it’s gorgeous.

  • Slicked Back Hairstyle With Low Fade

Slicked back hairstyles are again one of the best choices for teenagers. For those with straight hair, you can always comb it all back and let a few strands fall casually towards the sides. A textured slicked back look combined with a nice low fade on the sides makes for a unique and stylish look for everyday life.

  • Faux Hawk Hairstyle With Taper Fade

Faux Hawk really is a timeless and cool variation of the spikes hairstyles and it is there to stay for years to come. Yes, it looks amazing when styled properly and gets even better if you are giving the look to your little kid or toddler boy. The hair on top is kept to medium length for achieving this look and then a handful of styling product is applied to the hair so that it is given a nice spiky look that speaks volumes for itself. Combine it with a cool taper fade on the sides and you are up for one hell of a look.

  • Wavy Brushed Up Hair With Skin Fade

If you want something elegantly unique and classic for your kid, this is the hairstyle to go with. The hairdo boasts of longer hair on top and shorter hair on the sides. However, what’s special about the look is that brushed up pomp style which has heavy texture to it courtesy a good styling product and some nice styling was done on top. The texture goes waving from front to the back and looks really amazing. The side part and skin fade make the top hair even more prominent and it looks better than ever.

  • Side Swept Wavy Top With Hard Part

Hard parts are often a cool style to give to little kids and teenage boys. It defines the sides from the top rather nicely. And, if your kid has naturally wavy hair then the hairstyle will look just awesome. You don’t really need to style it with a lot of gel or mousse as the hairstyle will do good even without that. The natural wavy look on top will look amazing on its own. The sides can be faded to achieve a perfect vibe, however. And, if it’s a skin fade, even better!

  • Slicked Back Hairstyle With Undercut

A slicked back hairstyle always looks amazing and if you want to give your kid a very neat and clean look then comb it all over to the back nicely keeping it close to the head. Apply a strong hold gel or styling product to keep the look intact. Your kid is definitely going to love it. Want to make it even better? Go for a clean undercut on the sides and you have a perfect style for your young man to flaunt.

  • Hard Parted Spiked Hairstyle With Low Fade

Another clean look on the list with a nice hard part that can be achieved with lots of gel on top, this is a wonderful style for special events. The hairstyle boasts of side-parted spiked hair on top that is quite unique in itself and you won’t see too many hairstyles for kids or boys giving such a great vibe. If you are using a good styling product, the spiky touch on top wouldn’t be too hard to achieve. Remember that this is not an everyday look and should only be achieved on special occasions because styling with gel on daily basis can ruin your kids’ beautiful hair. Combine it with a nice low fade and that’s your perfect look for your kid.

  • Long Brushed Back Hairstyle With High Fade

This is yet another wonderful style for both little kids and teenage boys. However, the hairstyle requires you to have naturally thick hair that can hold its place nicely. The look can be achieved with medium-to-long hair by brushing it all backward combining it with a nice high fade on the sides.

  • Messy Top With Taper Fade

This is a casual look that can be perfect for casual parties and hangouts if styled properly. The look requires you to create a lot of mess on top and apply some styling product to give it a wonderful finishing touch. Besides, there is a cool taper fade on the sides that balances it out. These styles look match somehow with braided hairstyles for a girl.

    • Angular Comb Over Hairstyle With Hard Part

This really is a cool variation of the comb-over hairstyle. The hairdo is pretty organized and creates perfectly formal vibes. Just make sure that you don’t style it like a conventional comb over rather choose to comb it over at an angle and apply a styling product to hold everything into place. The hard part defines the look nicely and, obviously, we have a nice fade on the sides.

  • Spiky Crew Cut With High Fade

Crewcut has long been a popular style among kids, boys and men alike but here we have a bit altered version of the hairstyle. Though the hair is cut to almost the same length as with a typical crew cut, it’s given a spiky touch at the front as well as in the center of the head. The sides have a high skin fade that goes with the overall style to perfection. If your kid is a sports lover, this really is the hairstyle for him as many football stars have worn this hairstyle of late.

So, what are you waiting for then? All these cool hairstyles can make your kid look wonderfully stylish and awesome. There are hairstyles available for both casual and formal events and even there are a few that can make a perfect everyday look. Just choose how you would like to style your little one’s hair and go with the perfect hairstyle for him accordingly.

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