Trends in Gold Jewellery

Trends in Gold Jewellery

Gold is one of the most precious metals in the world. It has been used for centuries by humankind as a symbol of wealth — for money, tributes and gifts. However, its most visible usage remains gold jewellery. It has been the coveted metal for making ornaments since time immemorial. One of the reasons for its popularity lies in its monetary value. Gold as a commodity is highly valued. So, the price of your gold ornaments will only increase with time. It is also a metal that can be melted and reshaped with very little loss. This means that any gold that you possess today has significant value, can be reused in other forms and will appreciate in value with time.

Despite its high value, gold still remains one of the most coveted metals in jewellery. New designs and trends keep coming and have ensured that interest in gold remains high. When buying gold, most of would like to combine this traditional metal with modern sensibilities. So, what trends will remain dominant in 2019?

Everyday wear

Heavy gold pieces were once considered everyday wear. These were then relegated to ‘special occasion’ jewelry. Gold as everyday wear has survived, but in a very evolved form. In fact, this avatar came back in 2018 as many companies came up with their regular or ‘daily wear’ lines. Some also came up with the ‘office wear’ tag.

The idea here was to create a branding that treats gold not as a luxury or special-occasion accessory, but as something that you would want to wear everyday. It was an attempt to broaden the market by making it more wearable. The everyday lines emphasized on smaller, but sleeker designs that would go with any kind of dressing. Office-wear gold, for instance, is designed as small, but elegant pieces that go perfectly with formal wear.

Simplified designs

The focus has shifted quite firmly on simplified designs. The elaborate and intricate designs of yore are less common today. Although you may find great craftsmanship, the emphasis often lies in simple design. Geometric shapes with clean designs are common today, especially in smaller pieces. So, you may have just a stud earring instead of chandeliers or other elaborate designs. Gold bangles, for instance, are rarely chunky. Most bangles you will see today will be sleek, narrow with clear lines.

Affordable options

The value of gold has multiplied in the last two decades, almost becoming twice as expensive. This has naturally brought down the sales of gold. In other words, gold is quite often just too expensive to buy. Many people today prefer to buy metals like silver, preferring to keep their gold buying for special splurges. To counter this mindset, many sellers have been forced to bring out more affordable options in gold jewellery. The move towards smaller and sleek pieces is part of this.

Eclectic designs

People now want something different. They want to move away from heavy traditional gold jewellery and yet, want something completely unique. Eclectic designs that play with unusual shapes and combinations have become common. Gold bangles could be square instead of round, necklaces could double up as looped up bracelets, and earrings have unusual shapes that catch the eye.

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