A day in the life of an interpreter

The work of an interpreter is often considered to be easier than the others.

The interpreting profession always attracts many people: it allows you to get in touch with different languages and cultures.

We frequently receive questions about how interpreters organize their days:  what exactly are the roles and responsibilities? What is like to be a translator? Does it get tedious? Is it hard? Is it interesting? How can long can an interpreter work?

We thought we’d  give you the opportunity to meet Laura, conference interpreter and specialized translator for German, English and French, who has been interpreting for almost ten years: she gave us an idea of a typical day life in the life of an interpreter.

First of all, there is no typical day in interpreting: no two days are the same, some days can be busier than the others. You can never predict what your day will look like and how best to prepare for it.

Daily work schedule is different day by day. Each environment may place different demands on the style mode of interpreting (simultaneous or consecutive).

THE DAY BEFORE – My “typical” day usually begins the evening before (around 7/8 pm), when I arrive at the hotel, check on colleagues and get the conference documents. That’s the time when interpreters look over the conference materials for the following day: agenda, presentations, speakers, numbers of participants. Nevertheless, sometimes interpreters have no documents, topics or information. In these cases experience, a good concentration and a good improvisation are so essential.

CONFERENCE DAY – Wake up, have a good breakfast and exchange latest information with colleagues.

It is very important for me to have everything I need for the meeting:  documents in primis, paper and pens, location and directions, a bottle of water, right clothing.

I always arrive early to the conference room, I make sure I am familiar with the equipment and…ok, It is my turn now! I take a deep breath and…let’s start interpreting!

THE MEETING ENDS – I travel to home and look forward to the next assignments!

International conferences, congresses and meetings often require real time interpretation for effective communication.

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