Encourage Your Employee with a Custom Challenge Coin

A challenge coin is a small medallion which holds a certain dignity. Traditionally these pins were given to certain members who have been serving the organization for a long time with proper dedication. Challenge coins are available presently with variety of shapes and sizes. You can even customize its design by installing your company’s logo and motto. This will help you promote your services. It’s one of the cheapest way to advertise your brand. You probably have seen soldiers being awarded with a type of challenge coin. Challenge coins’ custom designed are available online pin manufacturers portal.

There are two basic type of challenge coins such as challenge coins for military usage and challenge coins for law enforcement department. Former one is used to represent military branches, specific mission or any special groups. Any reputed position holder of any country can use this coins to represent themselves. The challenge coins for law enforcement department is used as a symbol to represent the long period of dedication. These coins represent a sense of honor and unity with the department.

Origin of challenge coins

Long back in the reign of roman empire, these challenge coins was originated. During the period of renaissance these coins were used to be known as portrait medals as they were used to memorize a certain even like royalty or nobility. Apart from using them in events these coins can be used as awards or gifts to engage your employees.

What are the advantages of custom challenge coins?

Challenge Coins Custom are a way to attract your potential and existing customers. Apart from encouraging your team mate, there’re other advantages which you should be aware of. Let’s have a look.

  • Custom challenge coins have gained immense popularity with its customize design option. It can be used to gravitate people towards your business. In a way it promotes your business.
  • Depending on any special event you can make your own custom challenge coin. For example, if you’re invited to a military ceremony you can design your coin accordingly.
  • Custom challenge coin helps to make your employee feel special. Some people deserves this respect as they serve your organization or department for a long period of time. Employees also feel encouraged when their hard work get appreciation.
  • Challenge coin is not used only as a symbol of respect. Even by wearing these coins you can look more professional. It’ll make your look more enhanced.


There are organizations that provide Challenge Coins for Sale. Here you’ll get challenge coins in a cheaper price. If you want to make your employees feel greeted, then this pin is a must. With the help of online portal, you can buy these pins with a cheap price. So, make all the dedicated workers feel proud and motivate them to blossom up to their full potential.

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