Leather Photo Albums or Leather Photo Books – Which One to Prefer

Not just for newlywed couples, choosing between photo albums and photo books is problematic for everyone who is desiring to have their photo prints in an organized way.

In this digital era, hardly we find anyone keeping a photo album or a photo book. The photos either remain stored in the cloud or on their mobile devices.

One of the reasons behind this is, photo albums or photo books that are available in the market are vulnerable to wear and tear. They are teamed with the least durability and flexibility, and with time they become dull and boring.

However, these issues can be easily resolved using leather photo albums or leather photo books. Leather comes with tons of advantages. That includes durability, flexibility, contemporary style, natural flavor, timelessness, and many more. That’s the reason why the photographers make use of leather portfolio document holder to keep their photos intact.

Still, the question remains the same, keeping the leather material constant!

Which one to purchase leather photo albums or leather photo books? Let’s have a quick discussion.

4 Factors to Differentiate Photo Albums from Photo Books

  1. Covering Material: You might be surprised but even the covering material can be the factor that creates the differences. Let’s find them below.

The covering material used for photo albums is as follows –
9 types of normal Italian leather
2 shades of cotton linen
Custom canvas photo

Custom luster photo

The covering material of the photo books unlike the photo albums is hard.

Hence the following materials are used to cover them.

2 types of normal Italian leather. Mainly black and brown.
3 shades of linen cloth
Custom luster photo

However, cover embossing is the same for both the products.

  1. Type of Paper Used: This factor creates the most obvious differences between photo albums and photo books. If you order beach photo albums 4×6 size, you will find the photos or the images are printed on professional luster photo paper. The bright shine and glamorous beauty are because of this. In addition to this, the paper even has a UV coating.

Whereas, that of the photo book, the images are printed on the press paper, as per your choice. It is not a photographic paper but it is not even a computer paper as well. The paper is perfect for writing journals and travel books as well.

  1. Page Style: Photo albums are featured with “lay-flat” or “flush-mount” pages. The specification of these pages is – they are resistant to any kind of disruption whenever the page is turned over. It means you can create a panoramic view or make it more creative with two-page layouts.

Coming to the page style of photo books, they are available in classic styles and rarely found in lay flat styles. In this style, the only difference is there is a small gutter in between the two consecutive pages.

  1. Method of Construction: A special photographic paper is used to print the photo album images. This is again reinforced using a premium substrate that makes the overall paper a bit rigid. The best thing about this rigidness is the finished product turned out to be highly durable. However, you will find the album pages in both thick and thin style.

In the case of a photo book, the images are printed on a press paper. Later on, these images are fixed using a proprietary construction technology. Now this, of course, depends on the press paper you choose.

Regardless of a different method of construction, both the photo albums and photo books are covered using a handcrafted cover as described in the first factor.

The Final Words

Both photo albums and photo books can be obtained in multiple styles and sizes. For example, you can have beach photo albums 4×6 or can look for 12×12 sized albums. The choice is yours.

Regardless of which option you prefer to keep your photo prints, make sure you choose a leather material to keep your memories safe.

Hey! If you have a desire to make your own portfolio, don’t forget to choose a leather portfolio document holder. This will add an extra impression to the person concerning you.

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