Portray the Guise of Suicide Squad 2 – Favorite Characters Dresses

Who didn’t love the first part of the Suicide Squad? Well, basically we all drooled over it. And the good news is that the sequel is going to continue and Suicide Squad 2 is coming up soon in 2019! So, all the fans of the Joker and Harley Quinn, get ready to witness some serious game in the movie releasing soon. Now, as a fan and a follower, we all wish to make a trail with our favorite characters which groom our personality in any way.

Harley Quinn has been the strongest and competent character for a female role with those bold and hard looks. Whereas, the Joker has been winning on our hearts since he appeared in the movie with Batman. Ujackets.com is the place where you can find the exact apparel of your adored celebrities in a variety of colors and sizes. Because we know, when a fan becomes an admirer, it’s hard to repel. And as an admirer, our lives have been influenced by the characters in a really strong manner with the settling hold on our personality and nature. To make sure that you get the looks your favorites held in their previous movies as well as in the new upcoming movies. They promise to provide you with the perfect collection of their personality marks showing in their attires.

Go ahead and check out what ujackets.com offers you to make you look as a die-hard fan of Harley Quinn and the Joker:

Why Ujackets care?

Ujackets knows how meaningful it is for a true fan to adore the looks of their favorite celebrity, and what’s even more hard? To come up with the same personality and looks that they have been portraying to influence your lives. We offer a wide range of your preferred character’s attire with the widest collection of sizes and fabric.

Harley Quinn ‘Daddy’s Lil Monster’ T-shirt

Whom of us didn’t fall in love with this blunt and bold character? Harley Quinn won over our hearts and once again, she’s coming back in Suicide Squad 2 to make us fall in love with her even more. Ujacket makes sure that you get the same sexy attire she had been wearing and through which she built her character even sharper. The t-shirt is made up of cotton with the exact same color combination having the red strips on the shoulder and the text saying ‘Daddy’s Lil Princess’ right in front of the chest. This look with flatten the guys around and make you look a strong and confident woman roaming out carrying the perfect look that Harley held.

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The Killing Jacket – The Joker Look

The leather jacket that ujackets is providing you with clearly portrays the scary and strong look of the Joker. Since Joker has been an inspiration for many of us out there, we would love to grab this jacket with the genuine leather material having the softest lining of viscose. Who wouldn’t love to feel the personality of Joker in this jacket that has been worn by the most dangerous villain Joker, in the upcoming movie Suicide Squad 2? The jacket has been designed to look manly and rough at the same time because we know what Joker was capable of. The jacket has the Joker face at the back side along with the lining design on shoulders. Always there sharing the quotes of Joker on every social media? Proving to be a die-hard fan of Joker? Well, this is what you will love because come on! This is the same leather jacket look he portrayed in Suicide Squad as a dominant character.

Image result for The Killing Jacket – The Joker Look

‘Property of Joker’ labeled Jacket

We all witnessed what a freak Joker was for Harley Quinn. He loved her the way many of us don’t even want to imagine but as a fan, hell yes, we want such love. As Joker wanted Harley as his property, they have the same labeled jacket for you. Grab the satin fabric jacket with the sexiest color combination of red and blue. The jacket is mixed with a golden touch because we know what a personality Harley delivered. So, as a fan, we know you would be looking up for. The jacket has a label of ‘Property of Joker’ with the golden look giving the jacket more of a funky look. The ribbon is knitted at the bottom of the jacket and on the sleeves as well. The zip has the letter ‘J’ attached to it to show how crazy they both were about each other. So, get this jacket in your size and let your friends see how serious of a fan you are of Joker and Harley Quinn. And trust us, you would love the look you’ll be having in this piece!

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