Traveling to The Western Ghats of India-a Paradise for Adventurers

Some Important things to do before travelling

Travelling is a very enthusiastic activity as one is going to explore the new world, the creation and beauty of nature. But before you start your journey some important things are needed to be observed so that you will be saved from any trouble ahead. Here are some obligatory things, which are required for a foreign tour.

A Valid Passport assures your transparency

For a foreign trip, the basic thing is your passport. If you have an old passport, which is going to expire soon or in the days of your stay in India, immediately gets it renewed.

An outdated passport can be a result of a big trouble in a far-off country.

Complete Medication and Vaccination-a basic tool for travelling

Your health is your entire wealth. If you are not healthy, you can’t even think to move to another room, so what about a country? You need to be healthy to discover the wealth of nature and new world.

So, a complete medication and vaccination are required before you fly to India. Just go and consult your doctor and get a vaccination of some diseases like Malaria, Dengue, and Diarrhoea.

Packing luggage in an appropriate manner

The last but not least before you take a flight is packing your luggage. If you are going to visit the Western Ghats of India or any other such place you need some important thing like a Camera to capture the moments, Binoculars to see distant things closer and some woollen clothes to be saved from the cold temperature.

In packing, if your luggage exceeds and the weight of your baggage is going to charge you extra at the airport, no need to panic. There are numerous companies who provide their services for send cargo to India in lowest rates. This can help in sharing your burden. If you got a valid passport, complete medication and you have packed the luggage, it is the time to fly!

Western Ghats India- the speciality enclosed in them

Welcome to the lush Western Ghats, some of the most comfortable heat relief in India. Growing like an impenetrable fortification of evergreen and deciduous mass from north of Mumbai to the tip of Tamil Nadu, the World Heritage, listed Ghats, with an average elevation of 915m, contain 27% of India’s flowering plants and an unbelievable display of widespread wildlife.

In Tamil Nadu, they increase to over 2000m in the Palani Hills around Kodaikanal and the Nilgiris around Ooty. British influence stays a little stronger up in these hills, where colonists constructed ‘hill stations’ to escape the scorching plains and covered slopes in neatly trimmed tea plantations. There’s not merely the air and lack of pollution that’s refreshing but there’s a certain acceptance of quirkiness and peculiarity here.

The woods make a Captivating Gesture

The green cover is all encircling the whole area. From evergreen tropical rain forests to deciduous jungles to shola forests, the dense shelter here makes you feel that you are on another world.

From elephants to big cats, wild dogs to languor, sloth bears to wild boars, the forests depicts every aspect of flora and fauna. And there are several endemics which are present only here. Snakes and frogs, mongoose and civets, flying squirrels to enormous squirrels, this is a wild lover’s paradise.

Instantiation Mountain Ranges

Everyone has heard about the Himalayas and the Alps, the Atlas and the Andes, but in a very distinct way, the Western Ghats has its own extraordinary instantiation ranges too.

The Sahyadris, the Annamalai and of course, the Nilgiris, where the West and the East meet are the ranges must see. Another reason for you to visit the Western Ghats is that they are the manifestation of heights that nature occupies.

Springs and streams

A mountain spring forms into a minute stream crooning through the woods and becomes a little river. The Western Ghats has given the source to many rivers. The Tungabhadra, the Krishna, the Godavari, the Zuari, the Mandovi and Tambiraparani, all have their roots here and there in the hills, projecting their own sequences.

Western Ghats-The place where oceans meet the mountains

The Western Ghats run analogous along the coastline of India and some of the most virgin beaches meet the mountains here. Karwar in Karnataka is so beautiful, almost ignorant of its own beauty as it stands to hover between the oceans and mountains.

The coastal plains along Kanyakumari, located in the southernmost tip of India and coastal towns in Goa, Karnataka and Kerala are favourite haunts for tourists.

Hills presenting the heritage

A temple in the forest, a fort above the hills, ancient ruins and monuments fascinate everyone to visit here. It wonders every single person that who built these shrines in the middle of a dense canopy of trees with crickets muttering all around. You will definitely be tempted to heritage sites when they are built in a beautiful setting.

Western Ghats Gushing Waterfalls

Gushing waterfalls invite you to the Western Ghats. They may not be the most famous but are located in such settings that are very vivid. They present a fabulous scenario as sometimes falling into a deep valley covered in greenery, sometimes in the middle of a dense forest or entering into a narrow rocky chasm.

So, this all information is a general drift. The best time to visit is right now! Yes, go and take a tour to the Western Ghats right at this time.

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